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It’s a beautiful day to lift up our Lord and Savior. He is a certain God in uncertain times. And the Bible says, if two or three of us agree as touching anything, it will be done.

Job 22, verse 28 says: If you decree a thing and declare a thing, it will be established. So, God, we come in agreement with your word and with your name — the name of Jesus. Psalm 40, verse 17 says: You are my help and my deliver.

Do not delay, Oh God. I declare no more delays to the deliverance of COVID-19. No more delays to healing and a vaccination. No more delays to restoration of this great nation, the United States of America.
For Psalm 71:2 says: In your righteousness, deliver us and rescue us, incline your ear and save us.
Psalm 107 says: You deliver us out of the stress and out of destruction.

Your word will not return void, according to Isaiah chapter 55, verse 11. So I declare your word. I declare divine intervention and supernatural turnaround. You will restore this land.


According to Psalm 118:25: Save our nation, oh Lord, and send prosperity now. For Deuteronomy 28:8 says: Command your blessing upon this land. You said in Deuteronomy 8:9 to bring us into good land without any lack. For your word declares in Psalm 33:2: Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord. So I declare you right now to be Lord over this nation, over the United States of America, and we receive your blessing over any plague, over any economic distress, rioting, destruction of any-kind in our streets.

You will stay the hand of the enemy, according to Second Samuel chapter 21, verse 16: When 70,000 men died by a plague, David cried out as he covered himself in prayer. And the Lord answered and said, “It is enough.”

Stay now thine hand. Lord, let that be the cry today, and let that be your answer. Lord, enough coronavirus, enough to death, enough to fear, enough to poverty, enough to the crazy destruction in our streets, enough to racial turmoil. Stay thine your hand.


We pray over President Trump and First Lady, Vice President and Second Lady, and this administration. I declare Psalm 89, verse 21: Let your hand establish President Trump, and let your arm strengthen him. I declare Psalm 98:1 that your right hand and your holy arm will give Him victory. We declare victory in the name of Jesus.

Isaiah 58:11 says: Guide him continually. And you said in Psalm 78:72 that you would guide him by the skillfulness of your hand. You declared in Psalm 43 that send out your light and truth and let him lead his household, his administration, in the name of Jesus. Father God, We pray you would surround our president with wise counsel—men and women of
integrity who place Your agenda and the good of this nation above their own and whose motives are for that which is right.

I pray that you would give our leaders discernment, understanding and knowledge so our nation may know stability internally and abroad.

We give you thanks for our president according to your Word and thank you for working in and through his leadership so we might lead peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty.

Now, Lord, we pray for your mercies, for they are new every single day. And every morning, your mercies are new. Your steadfast love never ceases. I declare new mercies for hospital workers, new mercies for doctors and nurses, moms and dads, pastors and clergies, CEOs and employers, for the President and Vice President.

God, your love is steadfast and it endures forever. So right now, wrap your arms of love around every person who is hurting, every person who is confused, scared, tired, weary sick, lonely, those who’ve lost their businesses, those that were attacked in our streets. Let them know your love. Let them know that you will never leave them and you will never forsake them.

I declare Isaiah chapter 43, verse 19: I ask the Lord to
do a new thing in our nation by giving waters in the
wilderness and streams in the desert.
Malachi 4:2 says: Jesus, arise over the nation with
healing in your wings.


The United States Congress Father God, We come to you in the mighty name of your son Jesus, thanking you and giving you praise and adoration for our great nation. We thank you for the plans that you gave our forefathers by which to govern our nation and for the division of powers so that our destiny does not rest in the hands of one person.

In accordance to your word in 1 Timothy 2:1-6, we therefore lift up our Congress, both the The House of Representatives and the Senate. I pray that by your power, our legislative body would make laws that are just and right according to your word.
We ask you to impart unto them wisdom to make decisions that would strengthen and prosper our nation in accordance to your word. Let them make right decisions concerning the politics, the social welfare and the economics of our nation. I pray that you would cause Congress to be motivated more by your hand than by partisan or personal concerns.


Our Supreme Court Justices Father God, in Jesus name, we bring our Supreme Court justices before you. Knowing that they are appointed of man, I pray that you would influence the selection of each new replacement. We pray they’ll be men and women of integrity, people who will judge rightly in every matter that’s brought before them. As our Supreme Court makes decisions, I pray that it’s decrees would be your decrees. I desire that, by your hand, godly, justice would rise up within our justices and they would make rulings in line with your will and plan.

I pray that they would set a standard of justice and balance for the judicial office at large, not only on a national level but for every adjudicator in our nation.

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